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YT Innovative Canseal Product Video

CanSeal Protective Coatings

For over 40 years Innovative Manufacturing Inc. has been a world leader in protective sealants and coatings and is proud to introduce the latest member of our extended product line. CanSeal Protective Coatings, an environmentally friendly rubberized waterproof membrane suitable for all grades of roof and exterior structures.

CanSeal's patented dual component product integrates a modified bitumen emulsion with an instant set catalyst that allows for rapid setting and a seamless finish no matter the weather.

The scientific makeup of CanSeal is guaranteed against the elements as the elasticized membrane adapts to the natural movements and settling of all structures and will never tear or flaw when applied with our easy-to-use exclusive "Top Gun" pump and spray system.

Perfect for new construction as well as application to old structures as the molecular makeup allows the flexible polymer to stretch to many times its size and to recover to its original dimensions without ever blistering or cracking.

CanSeal Protective Coatings are the most advanced and environmentally friendly rubberized waterproof products on the market. They require no flame and are completely odorless.

CanSeal is perfect for all waterproofing requirements including roofs, below grade, waterproofing, dampproofing, tank liners, pond liners, bridge decks, secondary containment and erosion control.


Here is why you need to consider CanSeal Protective Coatings:


  • The most advanced waterproofing membrane available
  • The simplest and safest application method
  • The most cost efficient and environmentally friendly waterproof coating in the industry.
  • The best warranty in the industry.


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