post3Downtown Vancouver has many Heritage buildings, often with odd designs and resultant challenges to current roofing practices. This 7 story International Hotel had urgent roofing needs during one of their busiest summers for holiday cruise ship traffic.

How do you do a re-roofing project in the middle of your busy season and not cause disruption for your clients or staff?

The Hotel fronts onto a busy street with no option for equipment or product to be hauled in without a major impact to their front reception and Concierge desk. Vancouver Heritage buildings being built 70 or more years ago often don’t have cargo bays or freight elevators.

Nor did this Hotel have a budget to pay hugely expensive 30 Ton cranes to come in and block the streets while the roofing materials were hauled up and garbage hauled down. A project like that would take 3 full weeks and cause incredible disruption.

The CanSeal certified contractor decided to use CanSeal fluid applied membrane and then follow up with a highly reflective top coat called Cool Roof. After the roof was pressure washed, the CanSeal pump was located in a narrow back lane each morning, which still allowed lane traffic to flow. The standard hose that comes with the pump ran up 7 stories and all the way to the front of the building, 200 feet in total. No cranes, no materials, just the hose and fluid applied spray gun.

Heritage buildings are often composed of dry wood framing and walls. Vancouver has had more than a few Heritage buildings burned down due to roofers torch’s when applying Torch On roofing. In addition, with CanSeal the AC units and the natural gas heaters and pipes did not have to be disconnected, as there was NO FIRE HAZARD! This was a very important benefit to a busy hotel.

The metal venting ducts were cleaned and restored using an aluminum coating.

A major problem with this Heritage building was that its roof curb walls (parapets) were composed of old clay wall tiles that leaked. The water that ran down the wall could leak into the building. The roofing contractor used a polyester non-woven reinforcement fabric and fully adhered the fabric to the roof and wall blocks using CanSeal primer. Next, applying the 


CanSeal fluid membrane to the fabric, created a custom, reinforced, fully adhered, waterproof membrane, completely encapsulating the old clay wall tile and giving it strength and waterproofing without having to spray over the edge of the roof. So now, the walls were completely waterproofed prior to the new cap flashing installation.

Parapet walls with clay wall tiles sealed with CanSeal fluid applied membrane on entire roof, prior to "Cool Roof" and metal cap flashing installation.

Now that the walls and curbs were fully sealed, they now applied the CanSeal two part fluid applied membrane to the old roof and walls which formed a monolithic (no seams) membrane to the entire roof.

Applying the membrane to the main roof was done in just one day. CanSeal protective roof coating has its own UV blocker built in. The roof, as it was, (black) was just fine. However the Hotel elected to go with an additional top coat to extend the life of the roof and to reflect the suns heat, so the roof was coated with Innovative Manufacturing’s “Cool Roof”. This will help to reduce the costs of the air conditioning during the summer months.

There was no disruption to the Hotel, its staff or to the holiday tourists during the entire roofing project.

All this was done at about a 1/3 of the price of a new roof. For more information on how CanSeal or Cool Roof can be used in your situation call Keith at 604-209-3507 or email me:

On the roof of a Heritage Hotel in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada near the cruise ship terminals.




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